Sunday, September 9, 2012

Times are changing

Have you noticed that the times are changings .
Its not that it is new but it has become more in the face.
So now we have to be aware .
Every thing in life you have to be aware of all in life today .
Do we see a silver lining .
There is a new way coming so that all of us each in our own way
can look forward and plan happier way in to make our lives to
feel full  filled . 

Many things are happening today all across the lands .
We can't change every thing , but we can change what is
around us.

Get up in the morning and give thanks for what you have
and that the Creator has given you another day .
Give thanks to all Creation for allowing you to have what
you have that is good in your life .


By Tsolagiu RuizRazo

The life with In

As we sit and think about ourselves what is it we get ?
We get the thoughts of the day the feelings that we have gone through durning the day
We ask ourselves what's and why's of our thoughts .

Lets look in and see.
why am i thinking about this did i
say this outerwardly clear .
There are times i should not think because it makes me restless
expecially at my sleep time .

Is everyone that way do they want to think ?
Doing the day or at night It is their choose to calm them selves
and not to to think of any thing durning the day or night .
Give yourself a rest and rest to night .

May you have a restful life with In

By Tsolagiu RuizRazo