Monday, March 12, 2012


Is there a time
There a time where changes take place in all things
We, have changed the way life because we have changed the structure of life that was given to us

Having the teaching of how the earth should be and the balance that it should have. We, known that we are out of balance . We have over stepped our balance .

Do you know BALANCE ?

Take a walk out side and see what you see walk among the plants ,trees,placing your feet on the mother EARTH . What do you feel ?

Stop, and and look at the earth .Look beneath the earth at the roots that holds the earth .

Feel the engry that comes through hold out your hands and see what you feel LIFE .
Walk on and repeat the the action . See what you feel

Thanks to the people who got it.

So , all the ways of life has this feeling .
Give your self a HUG and feel life .

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