Friday, March 8, 2013

Times are changing and the New is coming .

Times are changing and the New is coming

You must realize that things are  different .
What are they ?

Is the sky much more blue?
Has the air changed that you are breathing ?
Is life as you know it changing ?
Do you notice that you are thinking different ?
Is your thinking much clearier?
Have you let go of old not so good behaviors and replaced them
with a better way of thinking ?

Well , at times do you seem light headed and not able to make good
jugdments about the way your life should be ?
Are you more rattled with thing that you must put in order ?
Do you feel that you are being left out of things that your life should be giving to you ?
How do you feel on Cloudy days ?

You Know that some times the sky is not as blue as you would like it to be .
So we have to be strong and look pass the color and how we may feel and go on with
our day.
Some times things don't work out how we plan it and we have to pick
up ouselves and move on                                                    
We have to learn how to make the days work for us .
Life is not easy it is never all good or all bad but, some were in the middle .
Soooo, let wake up and look at the sky and plan a good day


By Tsolagiu

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