Monday, January 10, 2011

The Inner Movement

There is a wolf in
everone of us.
But we,ve never come
to know.

There is a she wolf.
There is a he wolf.
In my way the wolf
is sacred
and the ways of the
wolf is powerful
and highly intelligent.

The way of the wolf
is the side that watches
the person - that knows
the person.

That sees and captures
the person -
through the eyes.
They see your spirit.
They know if you
are the truth.

They can cover the
of your being.
They clear the way
the wind that brushes
against your body
and makes you feel
the wild,
you feel of the freedom
and what freedom is about.

Copyright - 2011

Writing by Tsolagiu from Book - Spirit of The White Wolf Woman is CopyRighted by World Edition, Cologne Germany

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