Monday, January 10, 2011

Short Time - Time Is Short

When you don't
have good feelings about
look inside yourself.

There is a whole person
inside - who you
have never taken the
time to get
acquainted with.

NOW is the time
for the first time
in your life
let this be a good time.

Let's discover a whole
new person-
the one who felt forgotten
and no one seems to care about
your Feelings or what you have to say.

In my ways, the way it would work with you
is to enter you into those unknown areas
the dark places that hold the feelings.

We care about you.

We don't want you to hurt.
We put you with yourself
and teach you how to care
and love yourself
no matter how tough it is
- it's worth its place.

In our ways
we bring you back to that
that you must fullfill
for the Creator.

Short Time / Time Is Short

CopyRight 2011

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