Friday, November 11, 2011

Time To Take Notice

Our lives have past so quickly that we have not taken the time to take notice of our past.
the world has contiune to change and all that is on it .
our air is different our food is different .The planet leans in a different ways which makes all of us
change our ways that we do things

We have not passed our way of caring for our children . The Children are our next genaration and  there"s not much out there for them to taken notice of and to grow from .

We have left them our hurts and pains of our lives and not given them stable grounds to walk on
to plant their seeds for there furture in there life .

Let take the time to Take Notice

Of what is around us The Earth that is our staple for life
that gives us every thing we need no matter what form.

Take time to hug some one you love and care for .

Time to Take notice

By Tsolagiu

Copywright 11 11 2011

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